FLSmidth’s Compressor Exchange Program

  • FLSmidth’s Compressor Exchange Program replaces worn compressors with OEM factory reconstructed and warranted cylinder assemblies. Each exchanged assembly is restored to meet manufacturing standards for new units, and like a new unit, the restored assembly comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • FLSmidth designed this program to benefit their customers. Through Certified Service Centers, customers exchange their worn assembly for a FLSmidth certified replacement that will be shipped as soon as possible, minimizing the down time and cost of replacing their existing compressors with new units.
  • Quick delivery can be made because large inventories of the popular compressors are maintained at FLSmidth’s Manheim Plant and at Certified Service Centers located in Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Los Angeles, California.

To take advantage of the worry free FLSmidth Compressor Exchange Program or to learn, contact Voigt-Abernathy at (205) 655-0434, or FLSmidth Inc., at (610) 264-6994.


Installation & Start-up

Proper installation and start-up is crucial in ensuring the customer will get the longest life out of their rotating equipment. Being a factory authorized service provider for several worldwide manufacturers, Voigt-Abernathy applies our years of experience and training to ensure the proper installation and start-up of your equipment.
IMG_4882 - installation
IMG_4873 - installation


We will provide you the prompt attention and expert service you expect. We are a factory authorized warranty and service organization for many different pump brands, including ROTO-JET, Milton Roy, Wemco, Blackmer, Kemco Systems, Flowserve SIHI, Graco, Hydra-Cell and WSP.
Services Include:
  • Complete diagnostics services for end suction, vacuum, between bearing, vertical and multi-stage pumps
  • Machining, dynamic balance, cleaning and welding functions are done in house
  • Multiple Schenck Dynamic Balance Machines
  • 73” Vertical Lathe
  • Plasma cutter
  • Multiple welders (TIG & MIG)
  • 5 engine lathes with capacities to 26” swing and 80” centers
  • Horizontal boring mill
  • Testing / Performance metering pump calibration
  • 3 sizes of multipurpose milling machines
  • Multiple Large Paint booths
  • 10 Ton Gantry Crane
  • 5 ft. operating width Automated Parts Washer
Comprehensive Support:
  • Service for up to 3 concurrent laser alignment teams
  • Turnkey remove and installation
  • Fleet of fully equipped service vehicles
  • High payload capacity flatbed truck
  • Portable ultrasonic & Flowmeter service
  • Same pickup and delivery available

Roto-Jet High Pressure Pumps

DSC_8428 If a high pressure pump is in need of repair, an exchange pump from our “Downtime Eliminator” program can be shipped or installed within a few hours. As one of the largest distributors of ROTO-JET Pitot Tube Pumps, Voigt-Abernathy has the pump to fit your high pressure pump needs. In order to reduce down time, we stock all models of ROTO-JET pumps in various tube sizes as part of our exchange program. To learn more about our ROTO-JET exchange program, please call for our service group at 205-655-0434.  
IMG_1771 - b