Master Distributor for Flowserve SIHI ZTN Hot Oil Pumps

Voigt-Abernathy is pleased to announce we’re a Master Distributor for Flowserve SIHI ZTN Hot Oil Pumps. With a massive inventory of pumps and replacement parts, we’re able to ship same day on replacement parts and 1-3 days on complete pumps.

Standard ZTN Pump Features

  • Pumps rated up to 662 deg. F without any external cooling.
  • Mechanical seal and radial lip seal pumps available.
  • Back Pullout Assembly permits the removal of the complete bearing unit toward the drive end without removing the pump casing from the piping.
  • Center-line support models are offered for larger flows.
  • Modularity of pump parts – 2 shaft/bearing carriers cover full product range.
  • Thermally isolated seal / bearing.
  • Defined leakage carry-off.
  • ANSI Class 150 lb. and 300 lb. RF flanges available.


Additionally, Voigt-Abernathy provides technical assistance with troubleshooting and pump selection. We provide impeller trims, dynamically balance of impellers and competitively priced pump packages.

Call us today for your Flowserve SIHI needs. 205.655.0434.

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