US Steel
Maintenance Planner

Voigt Abernathy's ability to understand the process & their willingness to learn has made them a valuable asset to our company. The company is comprised of friendly and competent people from the company owners to the office secretary. Their commitment to excellence will ensure a long lasting and rewarding relationship for years to come.

Process Engineer

Voigt-Abernathy has furnished us with process equipment and services that consistently meets and exceeds our expectations. When issues arise they possess the knowledge and talent to quickly work to agreeable resolutions.

ECM Planner

Voigt-Abernathy's technical expertise and excellence means a lot, since time is vital in keeping our equipment operating properly and avoiding costly down-time. Voigt-Abernathy's willingness and professionalism makes all the difference in helping us maintain our equipment and in maintaining our assets.

Sr. Project Engineer

For the past five years, I have purchased from Voigt-Abernathy many pumps of various designs and by various manufacturers. I value Voigt-Abernathy company as a preferred supplier and heartily recommend them.

Maintenance Reliability Specialist

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Michael for many years and I consider Voigt-Abernathy to be one of the most dependable companies that I deal with. I've always had prompt responses to any inquiry and I know that they will always provide a prompt and competitive proposal. And they have always been willing to work with me at BASF to provide the service after the award that is so important when trying to meet a critical schedule.

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

We appreciate Voigt-Abernathy's ability to respond quickly (at all hours) when there is an issue with a piece of equipment. On-site assistance and support is one of the reasons your company is the vendor of choice when it comes to pumps. Your product knowledge has been a valuable tool when looking at new process applications and retrofits.

Georgia Pacific
Project Engineer

Voigt-Abernathy Co. has proven to be a valuable business partner. I consider them a preferred supplier of fluid, solid and gas handling equipment. I would strongly recommend Voigt-Abernathy to any manufacturing facility that is interested in cost-effective, reliable solutions for their processes.

Project Manager

I have had a long and rewarding business relationship with Joel Sturgis and Voigt-Abernathy Company. We have worked together on the acquisition on numerous pieces of equipment. I have always been impressed with their professionalism, helpfulness, and prompt, attentive service.

Senior Mechanical Designer

"Just a note about Voigt-Abernathy (V-A).  I worked with Chet Cochran, Jonathan Abernathy, and Bill Voigt on numerous occasions while working at the paper mill.  These gentlemen are top notch when it comes to customer support and service after the sale.  I have been to their shop in Alabama on several occasions.  It is clean, well organized, and well stocked.  Most of my dealings with V-A were in regard to Roto-Jet pumps.  We had several of these pumps providing high pressure water (1000 psi) for shower applications in the paper machine press and former.  The Roto-Jet pumps are a low cost alternative to multistage pumps in both purchase price and rebuild costs.  We also purchased several small chemical pumps from V-A for pumping concentrated sulfuric acid." "So, I say all that to say this, Chet, Jonathan, and Bill are men one can depend on."

Weigh Systems Specialist

Wanted to give you guys a shout-out of Thanks! You have always been prompt and efficient!! Even when you couldn’t fill my urgent order a couple weeks back, you provided someone who could. That goes a long way in customer relations! I see less and less of that these days and I certainly appreciate it when it does happen.

Pall Corporation
Senior Project Engineer

You have won all of my business with this customer service!  I truly appreciate the urgency on this order.  And I try to tell any supplier/manufacturer that having the ability to take a 3D detail, and put it into my design… is an absolute life saver!!  Thanks again!