WSP™ Self-Primer


The WSP™ Self-Primer pump is a rugged and dependable self-priming, solids handling, trash pump. Distinguishable from our competitors, the WSP™ Self-Primer pump design allows for a shim-less, tool-less impeller adjustment and ease of suction flap valve replacement.

The Buzzsaw™ wear plate is a standard feature on the WSP™ self-primer pumps. The Buzzsaw™ wear plate helps prevent the WSP™ self-primer pump from running in a state of partial clog and allows the pump to run at higher overall efficiencies while lowering maintenance costs, extending valuable run-time.

Equally important to maintenance is safety. The WSP™ self-primer pump is designed with the added benefit of the Fill Port Cover and Clamp Bar Assembly. The recessed bolt-locking construction and anti-rotation
design of the Clamp Bar Assembly prevents accidental breach of the Fill Port Cover, protecting the operator from scalding burns.


  • Self-priming
  • The Buzzsaw™ wear plate
  • Fill Port Cover and Clamp Bar Assembly
  • Tool-less impeller adjustment
  • Passes stated solid size
  • Lower “life cycle cost”
  • Industry leading 66 month warranty
  • Pump and parts interchangeability
  • Higher actual efficiency


Voigt-Abernathy has a large inventory of WSP™ Self-Primers, allowing for same day shipping on pumps, and quick delivery on WSP™ assemblies. Contact your local Voigt-Abernathy sales engineer or give us a call for your WSP™ Self-Primer needs. 205-655-0434