Featured Products

Wilden® Velocity Series AODDs

The Wilden® Velocity Series compact pump has a unique design featuring a detachable mounting foot. It can easily be reoriented by loosening a single screw offering you more versatility for systems and skids with restricted space.

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EnviroGear® V Series Pumps


The main challenge when pumping asphalt is that as it changes temperature, it can range from a solid to a liquid depending on the chemical makeup. V Series pumps overcome these challenges, and do so in a way that is safe, reliable and economical.

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WSP™ Self-Primer

The WSP™ Self-Primer pump is a rugged and dependable self-priming, solids handling, trash pump. Distinguishable from our competitors, the WSP™ Self-Primer pump design allows for a shim-less, tool-less impeller adjustment and ease of suction flap valve replacement.

Key features/benefits

  • Self-priming
  • The Buzzsaw™ wear plate
  • Fill Port Cover and Clamp Bar Assembly

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EATON’s DCF series

The DCF Series is considered to be the most efficient standard mechanically cleaned filters on the market. DCF series filters are ideal for highly viscous, abrasive, or sticky liquids, making them an excellent choice for many heavy duty applications.

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 The Roto-Jet® RO-FT API 610 Pump

 The Roto-Jet® RO-FT API 610 Pump has been specifically designed to achieve a broad operating range without generating damaging hydraulic forces during a process upset. These attributes result in improved mechanical seal and bearing life to maximize Mean Time Between Failure, and decrease operational and maintenance costs. Roto-Jet is the most cost effective choice for low-flow high head process applications.

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